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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I am so ripping this off of my sister Julie

No wonder no one wanted to play at our house.

The majority of the material in this blog entry was shamelessly stolen from my sister Julie.

I am ripping my sister Julie off (this is my duty as her younger sister) and taking the story of Herkimer, our family’s human skull, one step further. Herkimer was a real human skull. Herkimer was a female skull. I am certain that while she was alive, her name was not Herkimer. At least I hope not.

As Julie wrote in her post, our father obtained our real-live human skull, Herkimer, while he worked for a medical device company. She resided in a box in the dark recesses of my parent’s closet. Way past the hangers filled with dad’s ties. We were NOT allowed to touch Herkimer. I rarely heeded my parent’s rules, and typically would take any warning like that as a challenge to covertly find the forbidden object and play with it whenever we had a babysitter. But not Herkimer. I never touched Herkimer.

Every Halloween, Dad would set up his shrine to Herkimer in the front living room window. He stacked the big atlas and dictionary on top of the radiator, and then he draped a blood red hand towel over the books creating a creepy altar. Then the ceremony would begin. He would retrieve Herkimer form the depths of his closet while we waited, giggling and nearly exploding with anticipation. Then, he gently placed Herkimer on the shrine, and lit a candle on either side to complete the window display.

This was the annual tradition.

I didn’t find this out until just a few years ago, but our father told my younger sister Molly that he found Herkimer in the backyard. Molly was only about 5 years old at the time, and she believed Dad had a human skull because he dug it up in the back yard.

Dad had a human skull because he dug it up in the back yard.

Not only did she believe him, but she went to school and told her friends that her Daddy had dug up a human skull in the back yard and kept it in a box in the closet.

At least he didn’t finish that up with stories about neighbors gone missing.

No wonder we rarely had friends over to play


Blogger cmhl said...

so, where is Herkimer now??? GREAT story!

11:22 AM  

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