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Monday, January 23, 2006


100 Things about me

100 Things about me.

1. I have 3 sisters, they are all different and I adore them.

2. When we were younger our neighbor asked if we were all adopted, even though we are not.

3. I have a knack for analyzing people’s dreams and reading palms.

4. I am really good at trivial pursuit.

5. I have 2 dogs. Harriet and Ranier. I love them, but since I had Maggie I don’t pay enough attention to them.

6. I wanted to play Annie in the broadway musical “Annie” when I was young.

7. I sang every song from the broadway album nearly daily for about 4 years straight. But I had stage fright so I sang them in the laundry room with the door shut.

8. I have always daydreamed a lot. So much that my elementary school teachers often had my hearing tested. They thought I couldn’t hear. I was just daydreaming.

9. I, along with my sisters, was (and still am) obsessed with Little House on the Prairie

10. I have run 6 marathons

11. I finished all of them, I didn’t run very fast though

12. I love my parents.

13. The man I am married to stood me up on our third date and we didn’t date again for 3 years.

14. I always had a crush on him though.

15. I spent 4 years between the ages of 9 and 13 campaigning my parents for a dog.

16. I finally got one on my 13th birthday

17. His name was Oliver

18. He was really mostly my dad’s dog though.

19. I was an ugly baby. My own grandmother told my mom I had nice……ears.

20. I have horrible feet

21. I have a weakness for McDonalds but I try not to act on it often.

22. I always knew I wanted to have children

23. My biggest fear was that I would die before I got to be a mom.

24. Sometimes I like that I work full time.

25. Sometimes I wish was a stay at home mom.

26. I think Mark Ruffalo is TERRIBLY sexy. Grrr. Terribly.

27. I love dark chocolate, the kind that makes you weak in the knees.

28. I was responsible for much of the childcare of my sisters when I was young

29. I made up weird games to entertain them like “hatchet lady” which involved them sitting in the abandoned Dodge Charger and I would climb on the roof and pretend I was trying to kill them with an imaginary axe.

30. They seemed to enjoy this

31. I like to paint watercolors, but have not for a long time.

32. I am a Democrat, but more a liberatarian who sees the value of a safety net. That means stay out of my business you insipid sanctimonious judgemental A-hole (not you, but the MAN).

33. I can’t stand George Bush

34. He makes my skin crawl.

35. I am afraid women’s rights are being eroded as we speak and soon we will be wearing Berkas and scarlet letters.

36. I believed in Karma before I knew it was called Karma. I thought I had come up with the concept on my own.

37. I make myself cry all the time in the car thinking about sad things. Like someone I know dying.

38. I didn’t realize how much I love writing until very recently.

39. I love Patty Griffin, the Singer
40. I love Ray Lamontagne the singer. His song “Joleen” breaks my heart every time I hear it. It just kills me.

41. It breaks my heart because I have loved a couple of boys who had issues with chemical dependency and the concept of love.

42. I loved them anyways but eventually chose myself. I don’t regret that.

43. I love my husband

44. I still sometimes dream about ex boyfriends

45. I think I had post partum depression

46. I am so happy to be a mother. I can’t believe how great it is. Really. I love it. Even thought it is hard. But I didn’t feel like a good mother until recently.

47. I didn’t know fear until I had a baby.

48. Now I am terrified that something will happen to my daughter.

49. I love to sing.

50. I am kind of good at it.

51. I sang at my friends Janna’s wedding when I was 8 months pregnant and I was scared but it turned out to be good. I sang “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac.

52. I wish I would have been brave enough to try out for drama club

53. I really like Sean Penn.

54. I was teased as a kid because of my shitty clothes and bad hair and general awkwardness.

55. I didn’t got enough attention as a child.

56. I have a strange obsession with true crime.

57. I am fascinated by the human mind, and what creates a sociopath.

58. This is ironic, because I tend to have an overdeveloped sense of empathy.

59. I was in a sorority.

60. Looking back, my sorority was really lame. REALLY LAME.

61. My daughter makes me happy.

62.I know I am a good mom.

63. I waited tables in College, and some guy once grabbed my butt and I yelled at him and kicked him out, and after he left, I cried.

64. I was a child psychology major and almost went on to get my teaching degree.

65. I decided I wanted to make money instead. Now I schlep Network Services to IT Directors.

66. I am very sensitive.

67. I am usually very kind

68. But sometimes I am a royal bitch. Not often, but sometimes.

69. I like to be around intelligent creative sensitive people.

70. I ordered the pre-test for MENSA certification but was too scared to take it. I am afraid to find out I am not as smart as I hope I am.

71. I play the piano by ear.

72. I love red wine and sometimes drink too much of it.

73. If I won the lottery I would buy an old red Cadillac convertible.

74. I would also hire a full time soup maker. I love soup. Good soup.

75. I love to cook and I put on a mean dinner party.

76. I have had chronic low self esteem which is just now getting better through the magic of therapy. My therapist tells me I am a lovely person though.

77. This sometimes surprises people because I am very good at faking it.

78. I am sometimes ashamed of the way I have allowed others to treat me.

79. I do not like confrontation or conflict but I am learning to get better at it.

80. I make a flawless roast chicken.

81. and popovers

82 and chocolate bread pudding

83. When I was a kid I used to hide bags of chocolate chips under my bed.

84. I also drank Hershey’s syrup right out of the can.

85. I LOVE a good purse, but a good purse is a rare find.

86. I have a temper, especially when I am hungry. When I am well-fed I have an infinitely greater amount of patience.

87. I am easily frustrated

88. I swear a lot and I am trying to stop. Or maybe not, motherfucker.

89. I was in a show called “Battle of the Books” in the 5th grade and took home the prize. I was TRULY a nerd.

90. I was a bit of a reject through elementary school and Junior High. Things got better in high school. When people could tell I was a girl.

91. My sisters make me laugh more than anyone.

92. I love my friends. A lot. It doesn’t always show but it’s always there.

93. I loathe mosquitoes, and people who wield an unearned sense of entitlement

94. I see a lot of people wielding unearned senses of entitlement.

95. I was raised Catholic

96. I tend to like People who were raised Catholic and people who are Jewish. They just feel right to be around.

97. I also tend to like Canadians. I have yet to meet a Canadian I don’t like.

98. I snore.

99. I never had braces.

100. Every night I sneak into my daughter’s room when she is sleeping to put her socks back on her feet. Sometimes I shut my eyes and allow myself to feel the enormity of the gratitude I have that I am actually her mother. It overwhelms me and makes me cry which is why I can’t stop and think about it all the time. Only in the dark, quiet of her room.


Blogger Mary Tsao said...

Good list! I was a nerdy akward kid, too. I hated my own 100 things list as soon as I posted it, but I like yours.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You, Miss Meghan are hysterical and wonderful. Do not ever change..... errr, other then accepting the above as truth and loving it.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous pjindy said...

Sheesh, I hate to be so out of it, but lo and behold I just noticed the photo's listed on your page. They are awesome, esp the b/w's.

Meghan, I never realized how consistently funny you are. After reading your blogs (ja, I was a bit behind, blame my Beijing boy)I think we need another girls night out on the Cozumel beach with our own little party dancing the night away at Senior' Frogs. Friday night, 9:00p work for you? Shots on the house. You in?

6:21 PM  
Anonymous liz said...

i just came across your site. i love the honesty and frankness of your list. i especially love #88, as i frequently argue with friends about the power and versatility of the word "fuck" and how i wish it were more socially acceptable.

8:20 PM  
Blogger 01 said...

#70 - I was afraid of taking the Mensa test too, but I sucked it up and it turned out to be a lot easier than I expected.

It's worth it, even if it's just to satisfy your own curiosity.

1:14 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I had a game with my brother that we called "Coma". I would touch his head adn yell out "Coma!" and he would pretend to fall into a coma. As he would groggily come out of the coma, I would touch his head again and yell "Coma!" and the cycle would start over.

"Hatchet Lady" reminded me of "Coma"

7:05 AM  
Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Not that the other 99 things didn't catch my attention...but 6 marathons?? Sheesh. Impressive. And slightly crazy ;-)

7:34 AM  
Blogger JB said...

I’ve been out of town a lot lately and doing a lot of traveling, but I must say that one of the best things about coming home is the anticipation of catching up on some of my favorite blogs. And, Meghan, your blog never lets me down!

I cracked up reading about the woes of Katie Holmes, and then I choked up (just a bit) reading Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s quotes. (Your use of photos is brilliant in that post, by the way.) And then you made me laugh and smile some more with your ambitious list of 100 things.

I especially like the bit about reading people’s palms (I was into that for a while, just for fun), and numbers 24-25, which, although I’m not a mom, is a feeling I can really relate to. Thanks for that.

P.S. Oh, and I agree with you and Lin. The word "Fuck" is entirely underestimated. :)

8:55 AM  
Anonymous madge said...

You know, except for liking Catholics, we could be the same person.

KIDDING! (...about the Catholics. I still think we'd have a raucous dinner party with WAY too much wine and hilarious stories.)

10:49 AM  
Anonymous JenfromBoston said...

great list! there are so many things I could comment on. My sisters make me laugh hardest, too.

Oh, and Songbird, adore that song. I have it on my iPod. Can only magine hearing it in a church. I'd probably be bawling.

9:16 AM  

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