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Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Older sister with well-adjusted teenage daughters who don’t kick their mother as hard as they can in the stomach thrice daily:

“Kids are like puppies. You have to totally ignore behavior you don’t want to encourage”

Me (whining):

“But! It’s hard to ignore your freakishly strong toddler kicking you freakishly HARD in the gut repeatedly with her freakishly large feet, and then cackling fiendishly at her own mean-ness while I wince in pain. Is crying silently still ignoring? If I don’t make any noise? Do silent tears of pain still count as ignoring?”

Older sister with teenagers who don’t appear to kick her in the stomach repeatedly:
“(Sympathetic sigh)”


Anonymous Meredith said...

I know - what is with that? My freakishly strong toddler son likes to slap my face and then laugh! Maybe we can switch off for a while so your stomach can get a break and so can my face!

8:26 PM  

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