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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Power to the People

Last night Jim and I had a hankering for Pad Thai, and stopped by our local Big Bowl for takeout.

When I approached the counter, I was told that they were closed in honor of the immigration protests.

I thought to myself "That is freaking awesome", and I meant it in earnest.

I felt like a bit of a heel for forgetting about the boycott and for attempting to spend money on a day that people (whom I agree with) decided to rally together to protest and bring attention to their economic power, not to mention their value to American Culture.

On Saturday I saw a group of people on the news who held a rally in support of restricting immigration. A few of them were wrapped in American flags. They gave speeches to their very small, very sparse audience, describing how immigrants are a threat to our very happiness as Americans. And I couldn't help but think that those people really should find hobbies, or at least try to wrangle together some semblance of a life.

Then I wondered when their stinky putrid ancestors stepped off the overstuffed boats at Ellis Island, and if they had to deal with similar hatred from ignorant, frightened, small-minded people. They looked ridiculous. Stupid loudmouthed people have a way of making themsleves look ridiculous.

At least call it what it is: As my friend put it "The hating haters club".

It made me happy to see the masses of people across the country coming out to protest restrictive, ethnocentric, racist policies. I was moved to see that kind of passion in people again. I sometimes fear that I have lost mine.

Jim was equally impressed with the sucess of the grassroots coordination of the immigration protests (the ones with hundreds of thousands turning out, not the ones with 75 morons).

"How did they (meaning legal and illegal immigrants) pull of such a big protest in such a short time?" he asked me.

"People finally got angry, and led a well-coordinated grass-roots protest. Isn't it inspiring?" I replied,

"Yeah. Why can't the Democrats pull it together like that?"

"I don't know, but clearly we should elect an immigrant to be our next president."



Anonymous roo said...

As long as it's not Ah-nold. We've already suffered through one Presidentinator too many.

11:07 PM  

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