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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Random smattering of thoughts from a random, smattered mind

I am wearing green suede loafers today. One might ask the question, are green shoes really practical? I mean, how often does one wear green? I currently own 3 green sweaters that I rotate, which means I will wear these green suede loafers at least twice a week. Not sure what that says about me.

My daughter Madge has a Barbie doll that her father bought her at a garage sale. She keeps it over at Grandma’s house. She calls it “Mommy”. Not sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing.

Things that have occurred to me today:

I habitually underestimate myself. Not sure what that means, but I am sure my therapist could help me with that one. I suppose that’s better than walking around like an over-inflated ninny all the time. I wish I had more self-confidence. I often use the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” but I typically do more faking than making. However, I sometimes enjoy baking. I am devilishly good at faking, though.

The song lyric that best describes my mood today: “Today my heart is big and sore. It’s trying to push right through my skin” – Patty Griffin

I hate telephones, and I am beginning to hate e-mail.

You win the game of life when you sit back in your home and think to yourself “there is not one thing I truly need that I do not have." This is the only way to beat the system, as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t do the aforementioned nearly often enough.

If awards were given out for passing the buck, I know of about 15 people tied for first place. That’s a whole lot of blue ribbons. People who step up to the plate are a rare and treasured breed.

On a bad day, one of my favorite saying is: "The person who cares the least, wins."

I try very hard not to care sometimes. I am occasionally successful at it. However that success is short-lived, and I usually go back to feeling the pain of every upper-cut and left hook.

People in positions of power who unnecessarily and gratuitously make people jump through hoops like trained poodles just for the sake of it make me very angry.



Blogger mothergoosemouse said...

I wish I had the confidence to buy colorful shoes.

You are tall and blonde. I expect Maggie considers that to be a sufficient resemblance between you and Barbie.

I wish I weren't so good at baking and so in love with my cookie press. May I send you some purple and blue shortbread cookies left over from a birthday party?

Good perspective on the game of life. I must keep that in mind.

I care enough to do a good job and to step up to the plate, but not enough to get my knickers in a knot when someone starts holding up hoops. I crawl through and then get back to business.

I will send you my telephone. It hardly ever rings. I love it.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Jess said...

You can also wear your green loafers with pink, navy, and yellow tops. I have some pink loafers that I wear all time, and I don't have much in the way of pink for clothes.

I also hate the telephone. A lot.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I too just purchased a pair of green shoes and I plan to wear the hell out of them. I love green.

4:16 PM  

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