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Friday, June 09, 2006


The List. The one where I face my sickness.

Here's a meme from my sister
The sickness part comes towards the end.

5 things

5 Items in My Fridge
4 Different kinds of Hummus (left-over from my latest attempt at a detox diet)
A bottle of White wine
2 gallons of Whole Milk
3 balls of fresh mozzarella
A huge box of Go-gurt (I heart Costco)

Apparently, I am a big fan of anything containing milkfat.

5 Items in My Closet
A lot of shoes in a big huge pile
A lot of clothes that are either too big or too small
2 of my grandmothers handbags (she was an aficionado of all things shoe and purse-related, unfortunately she wore a size 5 shoe, while I wear a size 11, ergo the handbags)
A haphazard pile of sweaters, which I curse at every time they all tumble down on my head when trying to remove just one.
An underutilized shoe rack (I tend to prefer the “mountain-o-shoes” method)

5 Items in My Car
Several Mugs
A Stroller
A BBQ Utensil set with my name engraved on the spatula (received as a reward for hitting my numbers in April) This is so the steak knows who it’s MAMA IS! WHO’S YOUR MAMA? I AM!!! SMACK.
A pack of Hello-Kitty Stickers
A bag of red, white and blue decorating items to create a masterpiece of a 4th of July T-shirt for the contest we are having up a the cabin. I am making on for my sister Molly. It’s going to be freaking awesome. People will wince.

5 Items in My Purse
This is the one that will expose my true sickness to all of you.

I have the following lipsticks in my Purse:
Mac: Sheer Plum Lustre (for when I need a sheer-Plumb)
Mac: Redwood (for when I need a Red Glaze)
Mac:Sweetie (for when I need a lustry-pink)
Mac: Desire (for when I need a plum gloss that TOTALLY ROCKS)
Mac: Brick-o-la (for when I want an opaque pink)
Lancome: Nude 5 (It just GOES WITH EVERYTHING!)
Lancome: Nude 5 (Why do I need two? I don’t know! IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING!)
Lancome: Pink Candy (because you need JUST the right shade of pink at any given moment)
Clinique: Extreme Pink (Duh. For when I need an extreme pink)
Elizabeth Arden: Rebelette (a slightly pinker shade of Pink)
Elizabeth Arden: Blush (It’s lovely and sheer and PINK!)
Estee Lauder: Starlit Pink (Do I need to keep explaining the pinks?)
Estee Lauder: Electrified (for it’s lovely red-purple-y-pink iridescence)
A tube of DuWop Lip Venom (for glazing the top of the exactly perfect shade of lip-color)

Oh My God I am Out of control. Moving on:

A stack of “Bug Cards” for Maggie to hold while riding in the car
A cell phone
2 Pens
A pink ribbon necklace with a pink wooden pendant that says “Maggie”

Did you know my spell-check doesn’t consider the word “fro” an error? That is awesome.

And there you have it. I am a lipshade WHORE! A DIRTY LIPSHADE HOOOOOO-ER. My secret is out.

Don’t judge me.


Anonymous jess said...

I love it. It's ok to have many lipsticks that are all almost the same color. It's called stockpiling.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

I have the same colors, different brands thing going on in my purse. Every brand has a different moisture factor, or that is what I tell myself.

4:10 PM  
Blogger EverydaySuperGoddess said...

I thought you used all the Hello Kitty stickers on Maggie's helmet.

9:55 PM  
Blogger Carmen said...

Hmmm, Maybe I need to branch out on my lipsticks. I only have one. But I do have tons of what my daughter calls "lip chap', or chap stick type stuff.

7:05 PM  
Blogger rebcram said...

Not sure where I found your blog but I felt compelled to leave a comment because apparently, I have the same sickness you do. Alarming the number of pink lip glosses I have. But they are different! I swear.

2:32 PM  

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