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Monday, July 24, 2006


BlogHer Part Deux: The year of reckoning

I signed up for BlogHer last year on a whim, and 2 weeks later I decided (in my head) to back out of the conference and eat the entrance fee. Why? Because I didn’t know ANYONE, and as someone who had their 5th grade ass handed to them on the school bus on a regular basis by the popular girls, I was a bit leery to head into a conference full of women I didn’t know.

Then Elisa Camahort e-mailed me to ask if I would co-lead a break-out discussion for the mommyblogging panel. At first I thought that perhaps Elisa had confused me with someone else, or that maybe she was in the midst of some kind of week-long stress-induced booze bender. I had been blogging for all of about 4 weeks. Then I theorized that I was perhaps the only blogging mother who had registered (this was, in the end, my final theory, but I didn’t even care because I was so honored to be asked). I decided to put on a brave face and risk a weekend of social ostracization which was likely to include me, eating my lunch cowering alone in the ladies room. I bought my plane ticket.

I am so glad I took that risk. The weekend of BlogHer was amazing, and although I felt like an absolute neophyte, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I collaborated with Jenny and Jenn to co-host the mommyblogging panel, and discovered an amazing, whipsmart, thoughtful, talented and knowledgeable group of women. Many of whom not only acknowledged my existence, but were incredibly fun to talk with.

Were there groups that seemed a tad bit exclusive? Yes. But I also think that perception is strongly influenced by the way people often interpret shyness, or general shell-shock, as an insult. Particularly from people who are successful. The more well-known the person, the more likely people are to assume the worst of them in the snobbery department, and it’s not always justified. Some people are just shy, or tired, or wierded out.

Was it overwhelming? Yes. I discovered that people who blog love to talk about themselves and their blogs, naturally.

I found myself backing into corners and longing for a two-way conversation that had no mention of BLOG. I wanted to talk about anything non-blog related. That rash on your elbow? Tell me more! Food allergies? Fascinating! Good God I just needed a break. At one point Saturday evening, after several glasses of wine, I unceremoniously demanded that everyone at the table shut up about their blogs and talk about something else for a change. THAT went over well….. I think part of that reaction may have been due to my lack of understanding of the subject matter. “I’m not dumb, Mr. Einstein, it’s just that you’re boring! Let’s move on from Quantum physics and this “transport” nonsense to something more interesting. Do you like Outkast? Which baby is better, Suri or Shilo?”

Was it worth it? Hell Yes.

This year will be different because it’s HUGE. And I am again, extremely nervous. I worry that it will be so big that the magic of last year will be gone. Kind of like the blogger version of Woodstock 1999. But then I realize that the same crew who put it together last year are in charge again this year. And they learned their lesson about playing Shania Twain during the introductory gathering. So no worries!

I am also extremely excited to meet a whole slew of people who are going this year who weren’t there last year, and to re-connect with the superfreakmotherfuckingbitchasshomommybloggers I met (or didn’t meet) last year. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. We are going to crimey our roomie’s chonies! And then give them back! We will have zoo-zoos with our ace-deuces and give up the grapes! We will totally snap the chain. In fact, I may even bust me out with an ace. And I know a couple of people who might join me in that.

So get ready, San Jose. Here we come.


Blogger DDM said...

WWWAAAAAA! I wanna go!!!

4:04 PM  
Anonymous mothergoosemouse said...

Fuck yeah. Fo shizzle.

And I will talk about ANYTHING with you.

5:43 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

I adore you. That is all.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous roo said...

Fo shizzle yo nizzle.

I don't really know what I just said. But I'm really looking forward to meeting you at Blogher!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous wordgirl said...

If I was going...and I had a rash...I would talk about it with you. Or anything else that struck your fancy.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Prego said...

Sounds like it will be a hoot. I'm sure your husbands will appreciate the time off. I know I would...



7:03 AM  
Blogger Carmen said...

I am here to say that I thought you would be wonderful, when I thought about meeting you in that far off, hazy sort of way.

You, in the flesh?

Waaaaayyyy cooler than humanly possible, and so beautiful I feel like a invisible dweeb.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Mary Tsao said...

You're so awesome! I'm glad you went last year and this year and we could gab and have fun together.

As a fellow grammar school reject (4th grade bald eagle, remember) When did we become popular? Blogging is cool.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Izzy said...

It was really nice meeting you. I was probably a total spaz, as I frequently am in large, frenetic groups but you're way cool :)

12:11 AM  
Anonymous roo said...

Meghan, I can't tell you how happy I am to have gotten a chance to meet you in person. You are amazing-- smart, warm, genuine, and completely unafraid to tackle a bull by the horns (or a sasquatch, as the case may be.)I'm looking forward to seeing you again, someday-- maybe in Chicago?

Also-- anyone who's never heard Meghan sing is missing out. (You should really consider doing some audio blogging.)

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

I missed hearing you sing? And something about a Sasquatch? Next year, I'm not leaving until AFTER you do!

But seriously, even though you didn't know me at all, you were so friendly and nice, and by the last day I felt like we were friends. I hope we can spend even more time together next year. Also, I wrote a post on Monday about how proud I now am to be a Mommyblogger, and I have you, Jenny and Jenn to thank.

5:55 PM  

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