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Friday, October 19, 2007


And so we had pork...

Wednesday night I made a dinner of roast beef and roasted potatoes, and in doing so, I seared all the pads on the fingertips of my right hand on a white-hot handle of a frying pan.

After thawing out an entire pork tenderloin with my burned hand, I eventually went to bed with my hand in a bag of frozen chicken parts. Remind me to get a refrigerator with an ice machine. Please.

The next day Maggie flipped over face first, upside down, into the ladder on her bunk bed. I expected her to come up with broken teeth, but she just had a bump on her forehead.

Just in case any of you were questioning the importance of health insurance. We are poster children.

Last night, we ate pork.


Anonymous TB said...

I remember those first six weeks or so after Myles was born... I shouldn't have been around any hot or sharp objects because I was so tired I was bound to get hurt.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Lin said...

yep...it all sounds so very familiar (even though it was 34 years ago when I [gulp] last had a newborn).


1:34 PM  

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