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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Little House on the Prairie Made for TV movie review.

I'm Meghan. My 3 sisters, 4 female cousins and I were all obsessed with Little House on the Prairie growing up. It's kind of ironic that most of us grew up to be near-raging liberals. Perhaps they could study us to research reverse psychology and the Conservative Christian Media. I predict this phenomenon will manifest itself in a slew of today's 9 and 10 year olds. We should have a good batch of democrats well schooled in trivia of the rapture in about 8 or 9 years.
Back to Little house: IT WAS A GREAT SHOW! A great show that was blasphemized by the Disney corporation. SHAME ON THEM for taking liberties.

Here is my critique of the Made for TV Little House Movie put out by Disney this winter:

1.The whole damn thing was filmed like a porno. All he jiggly camera stuff and weird music
2.To Michael Eisner: THEY DIDN'T HAVE CREST WHITESTRIPS BACK THEN!!!!! No wonder Mary went blind. It was Pa's teeth that did it.
3.As it was a Disney production I wondered why Ma didn't get shot to death in the first scene, or at least drown in the river 1/3 of the way through. I thought that was a Disney trademark.
4.Ma and Pa were both a little sexier individually, but together they lacked something. No chemistry whatsoever.
The original Ma and Pa had that "dirty pa is going to do all sorts of sinful things to prim puritan Ma" thing going on. Ma would giggle, look to the side and say "oh, Charles!" like she knew it was wrong but she just lost all control with that man and let him into her bloomers every time. If they hadn't had that outlet they may have become serial killers or something.
This Ma was obviously some kind of granola eating hussie.
5.Laura has deformed earlobes. And a lisp too. It takes more than buckteeth to play Laura. Thith lithping kid lacked thpunk. End of thtory.
6.JACK Was a bulldog!!!!! Why does everyone cast a mutt for his role? What is wrong with Bulldogs? Can't they act?

And I didn't' even see the last 1/2.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mehgan, I'm desperate! About a million years ago my husband and I saw an episode of Little House wherein Mr. Edwards is trying to bring a Christmas Tree to the Ingalls' household, but is caught in a terrible blizzard. It was early in the series, I think, as the kids were all very small. I have never been able to find out which episode or made-for-tv movie that was. Any ideas?? lgvernon@aol.com

1:05 PM  

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