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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Happy Fathers day

This has been a wild year, poops. A wild year. We went from a carefree couple with dogs who were the center of our universe to PARENTS. Jim, you and I are somebody’s PARENTS. Wow. We are Maggie’s parents.

You made it through months of watching me expand. You fed me when all I wanted to do was lie on the couch like a beached whale and watch reruns of Law & Order. You took me to buy new clothes as I outgrew my maternity clothes and came home crying because my buttons were popping off. You were witness to the strange and amazing birth of our daughter. You were there through the first few weeks when I was mind-numbingly frightened and disoriented. You sat with me while I cried and explained how helpless parenthood made me feel. What if she gets sick? What if she becomes an addict? I truly felt that she deserved a better mother than me. Looking back I can see that I was a freaking mess but you just sat with me and let me cry on your shoulder and that was really the only thing that made me feel better at the time. I love your shoulders.

I can imagine that you felt a little pressure with your new lot in life too. Newborns are hard, and as Maggie has grown a little older I think you are coming into your own.

I have to say that the job of fatherhood suits you my dear. I love to see the crazed expression on Maggie’s face as she attacks your hair and pulls with both chubby fists. The way she lights up when she sees you are about to tickle her. The way you two are in cahoots together all afternoon, every day, until I get home.

I think you were surprised when you first noticed that expression on her face. That one where her whole body just lights up and she exudes gleeful anticipation upon just SEEING you. I think for a while you thought that expression was only for Mommy. I can see we are clearly entering a new phase where it’s Daddy that is the cat’s meow. The playmate. The tickler, wrestler, and resident silly man. She sure seems to think you are where it’s at these days. You’ve got two turntables and a microphone and you’re spinning Winnie the Pooh and Raffi and your little girl is LOVING it. You are the coolest cat in town.

I remember thinking she looked like me in the beginning and then gradually, day by day it became apparent that this kid was her father’s daughter. The chin, the mouth, the face, the eyes all started to look a lot like yours. At least she got my sweet disposition.
I remember seeing you holding her up facing you. It was a mirror image in profile with those chins pointed towards each other. Those two chins just melted my heart. Three chins if you count both of hers.

Let’s let her adore us as long as she wants to. It’s fun to be her favorite people. It won’t be long until she starts growing up fast. Heck as far as I’m concerned it’s our job to make sure she DOESN’T like us between the ages of 12 and 17.

Jim, you are a great dad. I love you very much. Thanks for being good to me and thanks for being good to Maggie. Thanks for being exactly who you are. We love you.

Love love love love love, Meghan and Maggie, your adoring wife and daughter.


Blogger JB said...

What a sweet love letter!

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