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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Happy June

It is officially June. Last year at this time my burgeoning belly was getting in the way to the point that I pretty much threw in the towel on exercise and instead planted myself on the couch like Jaba the hut waiting for Jim to feed me french fries like a zoo animal on display with a pillow between my knees. My, it is easy to forget how difficult all the lumbering around with an extra 40 pounds was.
Maggie is so funny these days. We will play in her room and she will just take off crawling down the hall. Scoot scoot scoot. She starts out so fast, but she will stop halfway down, push herself to a sitting posistion and look back to see if I am following her. When she sees me she smiles with her whole moon face. I love that. I would feel sad if she didn't check for me every so often. I also love to watch her go go go.
In the morning when I bring her in bed and bring her a bottle she cranes her neck to see if the dogs are going to walk throught the door. She knows when the part of the song when I tickle her is coming, and she buries her head in my chest in anticipation. It's an amazing feeling to have your child rest their head on you. One of the small moments I finally learned to slow down and savor. The small ones are the best. That is what Maggie has taught me.
Her barking cough has regisned itself to a rattly hack, which I consider to be an improvement. Poor little monkey.
We are all dragging a bit due to the communal germ trough we all seem to be drinking from.
Once my nose stops creating mammouth boogers and I have a wee bit of energy, I plan to enjoy June to it's fullest potential.


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Sorry about the boogers. Some Sudafed might help with that...

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