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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Can you say......

Supposedly Maggie, at 11 months old, is not yet able to determine that certain sounds have meaning in relation to certain objects. She may UNDERSTAND what we mean when we say things like "bye-bye!" , "juice", "book" and "uh-oh!", but she does not yet have the capacity to intentionally utter these words herself. At least I hope not. Because if she is capable of doing so, she is either masterminding her first act of rebellion, or she has already taken on the propensity of her parents to behave in a way that may be considered just a teensy weensy bit passive aggressive. Example:

I am pushing Maggie in her stroller on a lovely summer morning. The birds are chirping and we are mozeying along, smiling. I start the game with a hopful heart.

Me: "Maggie! Can you say Mama? MAMAMAMAMA! Can you say Mama?"

Maggie: "Dada! DADADADADADA!"

Me, very sing-songy, mustering up much hopeful enthusiasm "Maggie! Can you say Mommy? MAMA! Say Mama! MAAA-MAAAA!"


Repeat 517 times over three months. Then you pretty much have of my life since May in a mental nutshell.

I certainly undertand that my 11 month old is not capable of passive aggressive maniupulation.
The thought of it is kind fo funny though.
Me: "Maggie! Can you say Mama? MAMAMAMA!"

Maggie, inside her head: "Yeah, right lady. You switch me from Pampers to TARGET diapers, stick me in baby jail while you take a shower, and read the SAME STORY to me every night for a month and you want me to call you mama? I think NOT. I will call you Mama when I feel you are worthy. The current marginal performance is just not cutting it. You let me stick my finger in an outlet play in the toilet and suck on batteries? THEN I will consider calling you Mama! Now pick up that bottle of juice! Juice monkey! One more word out of you and it will be at least 6 months until you hear mama! "


Blogger Lin said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...and thus it all begins!

8:31 AM  
Blogger JB said...

Good god, that Maggie’s smart! My mom says I refused to say her name, too, which was a sheer act of genius on my part because she said she resorted to bribing me after four months of trying to hear me say “Mama.”

Hope you have better luck, Meghan!

9:27 AM  

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