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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Past the point of no return

So I have already admitted my penchant for Oprah Magazine. That cat is out of the bag. It’s time for another admission. I Tivo Dr. Phil and watch the more interesting episodes on the weekends. Oh, and while we're at it, I love “Dancing with the stars”. I have never watched a boxing match, but I now adore Evander Holyfield for being so freaking cute hopping around in a canary yellow shirt trying to dance the jive to a cheesy elevator music orchestra. He looked SO DISAPPOINTED when they lost too. That man is adorable. But that’s another story.

Last week Dr. Phil discussed the subject of Golddiggers. Women who are out to marry rich, and will pretty much sell their souls to land a wealthy man.

There was one woman, K.T., who stuck out like a sore augmented thumb. She had her breasts enlarged to a double F cup, and has undergone just a smidgen of plastic surgery to help her stay competitive in the marketplace. She is a lingerie and bikini model (this confused me too).

I have a newfound respect for Dr. Phil based solely on the fact that he managed to ask this woman, with a straight face “Do you think there is a point where a person has had too much plastic surgery?"

Ummmmm... When your only facial expressions are blank pout with eyerows raised, or blank pout with eyebrows at ease you've pretty much crossed over that border.

I am surprised she hasn't been attacked while sunbathing on her boyfriend's yacht by a grub-eating flounder who caught a glimpse of those swollen collagen bloated lips, mistook them for his fish version of the glutton jackpot and flung himself out of the water, looking death square in the eye and flipping it the bird. All just to have a chance to latch on to those puffy caterpillar lips like only a fish who thinks they just won the worm lottery can. come to think of it her lack of expression makes her look a little fish-like don't you think?


Blogger Chris said...

Her fish lips took an awful chance being arounda baraccuda like Dr. Phil...

I do agree with him on one point. There is such a thing as too mcuh plastic surgery. Like tatoos, it seems to be an addiction gone awry.

8:35 AM  
Blogger JB said...

I don’t like Dr. Phil at all, but I love your post about this episode. You made me fall out of my chair with that last paragraph. LOL!

Hell yes, there’s such a thing as too much plastic surgery, and the picture of that woman proves it. I see a lot of fake tits and permanent pouts since I moved to the O.C.

My husband likes to count how many “Brittany’s” he can spot in one trip to the beach, and if he spies a natural woman without bleach blond hair or fake tits he slugs me in the arm and says “There’s one, There’s one!,” as though he just spotted a rare, exotic bird.

He then says in his best mock, reassuring voice, “See? You’re not the only brunette in all the O.C.”

So sad.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Jenna Askani said...

I'm not exactally against plastic surgery, but too much is too much... She was scary lookin' eek!

I probably will have no issues with getting augmented later in life and keep them a normal looking B-C cup. (You know, just lift them off the knees Doc.)

Face lifts and other stuff, whatever... It makes you look too fake; like you said Meghan, she had two expressions. Take care of your face early in life and unless your face is dragging where your breats should be, leave it alone)

But, that's just me... :)

8:26 PM  
Blogger Katie Burke said...

I love Dr. Phil, and I have been meaning to write a post about him. I probably will very soon.

I saw this episode, and K.T. freaked me out! I thought that, in addition to looking freaky, she was also not at all pretty. Some people have a trace of beauty behind their plastic-surgery-imposed freakishness, but K.T. does nothing for me.

I thought Harmonie was cute, though. Totally superficial and setting herself up for a MAJOR fall (to be married to a man who does not love her and whom she does not love) ... but at least she put it out there and was not a nasty person. Just very misguided.

9:47 PM  

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