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Monday, August 01, 2005


Mommyblogher recap

Blogher was a smashing success. Many thanks to the panel and the attendees and to all of the lovely and talented writers I had the pleasure of meeting. It was such an honor to get to meet you all in person. Thank you to Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins, Purvi Shah, and Katrin Verclas for putting on such a well run, inspiring event. It was obvious that there was a whole lot of love invested in this event. You are amazing.

Thanks to
  • Jenny

  • Jenn

  • Donna

  • Mindy

  • Grace

  • Amanda

  • Alice

  • Melissa

  • Jen

  • Tracey

  • and everyone else who shares their stories. Also thank you to
  • Heather Armstrong

  • who inspired me to start writing and who I was too nervous to approach for fear of gooning all over her and making a total arse of myself. One thing I have always been very good at is making a total arse of myself. Particularly in front of people I admire.

    A special shout out to my peeps, the mommybloggers. Some of whom are referred to by their peers as “She’s a mommyblogger, BUT she’s a really good writer..”

    I am not sure when the term Mommyblogging became the bullseye which many people aim for when they squat to take a huge steaming, sanctimonious crap on their fellow writers.
    Seems to be a favored sport by a few. Thankfully, not all. To those of you who read and like what you see, thank you for your support and thanks for having the self esteem and general wherewithall to not have to step on our little mommy heads to make yourself feel successful. You’ve got it goin’ on.

    In an effort to reclaim the title “mommyblogger” on my own terms, I would like to officially alter my title.

    From now on I will only respond to the following titles:


    Or if you prefer :


    Feel free to choose the one you feel is most appropriate.

    Word to all you motha’s out there. Peace out.


    Blogger Jenny said...

    Yah. Mofomommybloggers unite!

    I had so much fun meeting you, and I'm still absolutely exhausted - y'all wore me out!


    10:23 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You're a mommy blogger, but you're also really hot.

    Alice (finslippy)

    10:35 AM  
    Blogger Chris said...

    I choose:

    I like that you don't have a big ego to protect. Maybe those people with those giant egos need a "hellomotherfuckinkitty helmet to protect their huge noggins!"

    Keep writing.

    10:46 AM  
    Blogger GraceD said...

    Alice is right: Meghan is da shiznet bitch, yo.

    As for moi? I'll have mommyblogyadayadahorseshit, please.

    Thank you, lovely and tall (people, this woman has HEIGHT to KILL for) Meghan for your expert facilitation on the Mommy Blog panel, the wisdom of your words, and the snark. Oh, the snark.

    One of Your New Best Friends,

    11:41 AM  
    Blogger CherryJello said...

    I had such a wonderful time meeting you, being in both the obscenity and mommyblogging discussions with you, and so forth.

    Oh. And I sat next to Heather Armstrong during lunch and absolutely made a fool of myself. So I think your "not approaching her" thing was a good idea.

    12:16 PM  
    Blogger Rude Cactus said...

    I'm not a mom but I love the post all the same :-)

    12:26 PM  
    Blogger JB said...

    I think your efforts to take back the term “mommyblogger” are a lot like my efforts to take back the word “feminist.”

    AND, I want to add that you are a very good writer. Period.

    AND, no matter what the label, I want to say that I love your blog and anyone else who writes in a similar style.

    AND, anyone who thinks differently is jealous that they can’t write about being a parent with a sense of humor.

    So I say, “Go Mofomommybloggers!”

    12:33 PM  
    Anonymous Jenn said...

    My goodness! You are such a "foul-mouthed" Mommy Blogger! hehhhehehehehehehehheeeeehehehehe (Hear it. Embrace it. Let it make you weep!)

    You partying mommies have worn my ass out! I will be giggling AND yawning for days!

    5:53 PM  
    Blogger Donna said...

    LOVE it! You're such a MOFOmommybloggerbitchasshobutshe'sareallygoodwriter... and I really mean it!

    6:39 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm personally appalled by your lack of decorum! Didn't you learn anything in the obscenity session?

    Your written word is there forever and you will regret your choices some day...please change you ways before it's too late~!

    Ken-the guy without a mustache.

    Fuck that! This is actually Mr. X, and I had a great time meeting all you MoFoMommyFuckingBloggers!

    6:41 PM  
    Blogger Mindy said...

    Hey!!! He sounded just like that guy, didn't he. Eek.

    So, how about "whore?" Will "whore" work for you? It's sleek, it's simple, and I loved shouting it out across the table at you. Whorewhorewhore. Can't say it on my blog, Mom would have a fit. Whore. Heeeee! man, was it great meeting you. We have to figure out how to have regular Spa Weeks somewhere in the middle.

    P.S. Will you marry me? Really. I'll even write you poetry.

    11:12 PM  
    Blogger sweetney said...

    you are hot and it was so nice ta meetcha.

    did i mention you are *hot*?

    7:51 AM  
    Blogger Busy Mom said...

    Great post, thanks! I'm sure no one will ever figure out thatI'm a mommy blogger, though.

    7:39 AM  
    Blogger jenB said...

    i think i said something about "mommy" being a bad word all of a sudden just like "feminist". fuckers.

    and you are hot.

    6:55 PM  

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