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Monday, June 13, 2005


Reasons why Madge rocks

My daughter Maggie is so cool.
I love the way she cocks her head to the side and tenses up right before the part in the song where she knows I am going to tickle her.
I love the way she gleefully smashes her face into he big oversized teddybear that is twice as big as she is.
I love the way she smiles coyly at herself and high-fives her own reflection in the mirror over and over again. Slap slap slap.
I love the way she has learned to wave but NOT on cue. Example: Yesterday I tried all afternoon to get her to wave at me with no luck. Later, I was trying to weed the garden and sat her on the grass next to me. I turned around to find her waving her chubby little hand at me. I think she did this because she felt I was ignoring her. Too cute for words.
I love the way she wrinkles her nose at me and blows really hard in and out of her nose, mouth open, baring all four of her teeth. She looks like a wild-eyed badger with her dander up.
I love the way she takes off down the hall but stops abruptly, sits up, and looks back to see if I am watching her.
I love the way she giggles hysterically during our sleepytime game. We play it right before she falls asleep, the only time she sits still all day. The game goes like this: I look up at the ceiling, whistle nonchalantly, look around the room and and then quickly look her square in the eye. No words. She erupts in giggles every time. Just a game based on eye contact and the element of surprise.
I love watching her play. She crawls over to her toy box and enthusiastically grabs things, holds them, sticks them in her mouth, and then sets them down, one by one until the whole thing is emptied ALL OVER the floor of her room.
I love the way her helmet sometimes squooshes her eyes down when she turns her head and smiles.
I love the way she won't be swayed from her goal which is unfortunately ususally the most dangerous thing in the room, like the table that wobbles, or things like electrical cords which she wants to CHEW. You remove her from the dangrous area and place her in another. She tries to throw you off by looking interested in her new environment and as soon as she sees your guard is down, she makes a crazed dash for the dangerous object again. Madge. Otherwise known as danger seeker.


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